%22From nowhere to nowhere%22
Take the journey "from nowhere to nowhere" aboard the Gulflander
Normanton Station
The Heritage-listed Normanton Railway Station is a treasure trove of history and architecture.

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A legend of the outback

Take a journey aboard the legendary Gulflander for a rail journey unlike any other. Originally built to connect the once bustling river port of Normanton with the rich gold fields of Croydon, today the Gulflander is a tourism icon.

From wetlands and grasslands to the arid Savannah, the 1950 railmotor, also known as the 'Tin Hare', ventures through countryside that most people would never see. This nostalgic rail journey is the perfect way to discover an area steeped in pioneering history and heritage. 

Our Normanton Officer-in-Charge, Station Master and Driver of the Gulflander, Ken Fairbairn, takes visitors on a unique rail journey through some of Northern Queensland's iconic Gulf Savannah landscapes.

Normanton was the port for the Croydon Gold Rush, with the Normanton Railway Station featuring preserved Victorian architecture. Croydon is a small town with a big history which started with the discovery of gold in 1885. 

As the Gulflander only carries a small number of passengers, you will experience a friendly atmosphere which adds to the charm. Enjoy morning tea en route as the on board accredited Savannah Guides keep you entertained with trivia, species identification, amusing stories and colourful characters.

Step back in time and discover a rich pioneering history and the incredible Gulf Savannah country aboard the Gulflander.


From nowhere to nowhere
One of a kind
A tale to tell

From nowhere to nowhere

Affectionately said to go from ‘nowhere to nowhere’, the Heritage-listed Normanton to Croydon line was never connected to the state rail network and remains the only line in Queensland still measured in miles.

One of a kind

The Normanton to Croydon line was laid in a fashion not found anywhere else in the world. With an innovative sleeper design, seasonal flood waters flow over the line to lessen flood damage. A testament to the ingenuity of this design, today much of the original rail and sleepers laid between 1888 and 1891 still remain.

A tale to tell

The drivers and onboard staff of the Gulflander are accredited Savannah Guides. During your journey you will learn about the diverse Gulf landscape and its rich past. Fascinating trivia, species identification, amusing stories and colourful characters, staff aboard the Gulflander will keep you entertained throughout.

As a working tribute to the Gulf of Carpentaria’s early pioneers, the Gulflander is a once in a lifetime experience.

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