RM60 Virtual Tour - Gulflander

​Bring north-west Queensland to your doorstep by taking a virtual tour through the RM60 Railmotor. You'll experience the platform at Normanton Station, along with the features of the RM60 Railmotor, which is used for day excursions.

NOTE: Due to unforeseen circumstances the Classic RM60 Excursions are not available for the remainder of 2022, we apologise for any inconvenience.

RM60 virtual tour tips

  • The RM60 tour shows the railmotor carriage and the platform at Normanton.
  • To begin your tour, head in via the driver's front door to check out the controls, then move to the back of the vintage Railmotor to take a look at the seating available.
  • You can exit this tour onto the platform through any doorway.
  • The facilities at Normanton Station can be explored by looking at the platform adjacent to the RM60 in this virtual tour.

For information about how to use the virtual tour, please visit the Tour our trains page on the Queensland Rail Travel website.

Tour the Gulflander

Our Gulflander sevice can also be toured. Visit the Gulflander Virtual Tour page.

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